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Features and Benefits of Hair Extensions

TouchUps Salon in Chandler Arizona is proud to offer hair extensions to our clients so that they can have that amazing hair they have always dreamed of. Our natural beaded row hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions are amazing for helping those who are looking to add some length, volume or excitement achieve those hair dreams!

Is your hair lacking volume? Do you wish when you styled your hair that it would really give you that amped up look of extra hair? It's amazing how just a couple of rows of natural beaded rows or a dozen tape in extensions can really plump up a style.

Length is such a pain to get right? Who wants to sit around for a year waiting for their hair to grow? With a quick and easy 2 hour service we can add up to double your hair length with our hair extension systems. The wonderful thing about a great set of hair extensions is how undetectable they can be in your hair. The impact that a few extra inches of hair has on a style cannot be understated as it really is the quintessential statement of hair luxury

If excitement is what you seek you will be amazed at what you can do to make that color pop with just a few pieces of hair extensions! Do you want to jazz up a bob with some red or purple or blue? Are you bright blonde and want to have some fun color without risking your beautiful color? We love using a few tape-in hair extensions to spice up a look quickly and easily!

Beautiful Extension-ed hair

Who is an Ideal Hair Extension Candidate?

A constant question about hair extensions in the salon is who would be a good candidate for them. We suggest that a client who is interested in hair extensions come in for a complimentary consultation before any extension service so that we can make sure that your hair is a good fit for the system and results they would like to achieve. That being said extensions are an amazing miracle for 90% of clients. If you hair is not super thin or fragile and is at least a bob length our systems of hair extensions can add length, create volume or dazzle your color!

Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions vs. Tape-In Hair Extensions

Natural beaded rows vs. Tape-in hair extensions, which is the system for you?

Natural beaded rows is a newer technique that uses small silicone lined metallic beads to secure a small portion of your hair into rows. The extension specialist then sews a custom blended weft onto these rows using special hair thread.

This is a great system for those with fine to thick hair densities who want to add length or volume quickly and easily. The maintenance on this system is also easier and allows for less time sitting in the salon during maintenance services. We at TouchUps Salon recommend natural beaded row extensions for clients who are focusing on adding length and/or volume to their hair.

Tape-in hair extensions use a specially designed hair weft that is prepared before installation with a specialized adhesive to be secure in the clients hair. The extension specialist then takes a small amount to the clients natural hair and presses it between 2 of these tabs to create a "sandwich". The stylist then places a number of these into the clients hair in order to create a custom layout in the clients hair.

Tape In extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are ideal for clients who have a finer to medium hair texture and are looking for length or volume. They are also our preferred system for adding pops of color into the hair! Do you have a bob that the front just won't grow in? Is your layered hair needing a bit of targeted fullness to get it where you want it to be? Tape-ins are your answer!

How do I Schedule My Hair Extension Appointment?

We would love to see you and have a conversation about how our hair extension systems could give you the hair that you always dreamed of. Please give us a call at 480-840-5542 in order to set up your complimentary consultation with one of our amazing extension artists. It'll be the best hair decision you have ever made!

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