Beauty Express Lane

Full salon and spa experience in half the time.

Salon & Spa Services On Your Schedule

The Beauty Express Lane is your one-stop destination for the most popular salon services, all in the same place at the same time! TouchUps Salon is proud to be the only salon in the U.S. to offer our Beauty Express Lane packages. As a client, you are busy and have more important things to do than visiting multiple hair salons, nail salons, and waxing salons just to get your beauty needs met. 


The Beauty Express Lane allows clients getting any color service in the salon to take advantage of our Beauty Express Lane stylists to get your manicures and all types of facial waxing taken care of during your hair processing time. TouchUps Hair Salon shares our hair color formulas between all of our stylists to ensure consistency across the salon when you choose to take advantage Beauty Express Lane Root TouchUp. Sharing your formula with our stylists means you can rest assured that the formula created by your Beauty Express Lane stylist will be matched perfectly to your previous formula you received from your full-service stylist. If you do not have a full-service stylist with our salon, our Beauty Express Lane stylists will use their well-trained expertise to create a seamless blend between old formulas and create a new custom hair color for you. 

  • Root TouchUp with Blowout

  • Root TouchUp without Blowout

  • Nail Polish Manicure

  • Gel Polish Manicure

  • Facial Waxing

  • Eyebrow Waxing



Monday: 12pm - 6pm
Tuesday - Saturday: 9am - 7pm
Sunday: Closed


2050 N Dobson Road - Suite B
Chandler, Arizona


Schedule an appointment online through our booking calendar or call us at (480) 840 5542.

Beauty Express Lane FAQ’s

The Beauty Express Lane is a dedicated area within TouchUps Salon designed to allow the busy client to come in at their leisure and get their root color touched up while also receiving a regular or gel polish manicure and/or all areas of facial waxing completed during the color’s processing time. After receiving these services, our clients can choose to take advantage of the blowout or leave with fresh clean hair with products in their hair for a nice natural dry later on (ideal for those who are heading to the gym or going home to bed). 

Typically, a client receiving all services offered on the Beauty Express Lane will be in the salon for less than 2 hours. Clients with extra-long or thick hair can expect their hair services to take slightly longer. For those who would prefer to leave without the blow-dry, we anticipate about 90 minutes saving you some serious time. 

TouchUps Hair Salon offers a membership option to those who are regular root color clients. With the Beauty Express Membership, you have several great options for taking care of your hair color, hair style, nail service, and facial waxing needs. Please see our Membership page for more details.

TouchUps Salon’s Beauty Express Lane is designed for the busy client who needs or wants to look their absolute best all the time. The Beauty Express Lane’s efficient and highly skilled stylists have been trained to give their client the most effective use of their beauty time. The B.E.L. was envisioned for the busy professional as well as the busy mom or dad who just wants to look younger and put together. All color clients have the option of adding on Beauty Express Lane services to their packages. The Beauty Express Lane Blowout is there for the client that needs and desires to have a professional blow-dry for relaxation, an upcoming event or trip, or just because it looks better when a hairstylist does it for you. 

Yes! TouchUps Salon and its staff seek to give every salon client whatever they desire. Whether it’s a hair service, nail service or waxing service our clients have the ability to walk in and have their beauty needs met. However, walk-in service availability is not guaranteed. If you have a specific time in mind, please call ahead to ensure there is availability for you or check availability throughout the day.

Absolutely yes! At TouchUps Salon we love to hear that our clients had a connection with one of our Beauty Express Lane Stylists and would like to see them again. Please note that walk-in availability for a specific Beauty Express Lane Stylist may be limited, so if you enjoy a specific stylist please feel free to book your best time in advance and we will hold the space for you. 

At TouchUps Salon, we understand that a gel polish manicure may not be for everyone. If your package includes a gel polish manicure and you would prefer a regular polish manicure, just let your stylist know and we will be happy to accommodate you. 

If you would like to experience a service on the full-service side of the salon, your Beauty Express Lane membership amount would be credited toward any services received on the full-service side of the salon. i.e. your membership is $59 and you would like to add a haircut when you come in for your base touchup. Normally a base touchup and haircut would be $110 on the full-service side of the salon, you would pay $51 at time of checkout ($110-$59=$51) and be serviced completely by one of our seasoned full-service stylists.