Dry Texturizer


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Dry texturizer spray with medium hold, for an instant full-bodied look. Get a sleek, textured look with one quick spritz of this!

  • 100ml / 3.38oz US
  • 200ml / 6.76oz US


How to Use Dry Texturizer:

Shake well. Apply to dry hair from approximately 10 inches away. Spray Dry Texturizer on both roots and lengths, lifting and gently releasing hair to ensure an even application.

TouchUps Team:

Sometimes our clients are looking for something a little more casual when it comes to their style.  If so, we tend to steer away from the heavier sprays and use the Dry Texturizer!  Amazing for a “lived-in” look, the Dry Texturizer is perfect if you’re looking for a full-bodied look without all the weight involved.


The active ingredients in More Inside, called “factors,” are balanced to elevate styling function and help define the final result: from extra moisture, to extreme bounce and anti-flaking qualities.

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100ml / 3.38oz US, 200ml / 6.76oz US