Volume Boosting Mousse


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For adding airy volume to any type of hair. This Is A Volume-Boosting Mousse is creamy with a snow-like texture, perfect for adding light, natural-looking body and volume to hair.

  • Net wt 239 g. / 8.3 oz. US

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How to Use Volume Boosting Mousse:

Apply evenly to towel-dried hair, then proceed with styling.


TouchUps Team:

Sometimes we need texture and volume to work hand-in-hand at the salon.  When that happens, we turn to the Volume Boosting Mousse.  It’s airy snow-like texture makes it easy to tease through your hair.  This mousse will become your new addiction!



The active ingredients in More Inside, called “factors,” are balanced to elevate styling function and help define the final result: from extra moisture, to extreme bounce and anti-flaking qualities.

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Net wt 239 g. / 8.3 oz. US