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  • Love Curl Shampoo

    LOVE Curl shampoo is an excellent choice for naturally curly ladies who need the added moisture in their hair to keep their curls bouncy and hydrated. This shampoo utilizes almond extract to keep those curls soft and volumized!

    This shampoo is best used on the days where you need to get product off of your curls in a safe and gentle way. LOVE Curl shampoo is the perfect cleansing partner for the rest of the LOVE Curl line, and is definitely best paired with the LOVE Curl Conditioner and LOVE Curl Hair Mask for maximizing the health of your curls.

    We are a curly loving salon and the LOVE Curl family is hard as heck to keep on our shelves. We blow through it week in and week out. Knowing that every type of curl is a little different, most of our clients believe in its ability to help their curly hair feel great.

    -Anthony, Master Stylist


    • 250ml / 8.45 fl. oz US
  • Love Smoothing Shampoo

    LOVE Smoothing shampoo is the only option for the thick haired clients we see at the shop. It’s an amazingly powerful smoothing and anti-frizzing shampoo. This shampoo has won numerous awards including Allure’s Best of Beauty Awards and Coveteur’s Best In Hair. The Olive extract gives LOVE Smoothing shampoo a pleasant scent and a fabulous ability to leave the hair silky smooth.

    At TouchUps Salon we have a ton of thick haired clients who live for LOVE smoothing shampoo and conditioner. It really does help knock their frizz and unwanted body down considerably which is why we have no issue recommending it regularly.

    I use it behind the chair at least once a day. My clients tend to have more needy hair types, so I love that LOVE Smoothing is not only color safe, but also a heavy lifter when it comes to our styling needs! If you are thick or crazy haired you owe it to yourself to give it a try!

    -Anthony, Master Stylist

    • 250ml / 8.45 fl. oz US
  • Melu Shampoo

    MELU shampoo is probably one of the most uniquely suited shampoos currently on the market.

    MELU is for long hair and anti-breakage Its name is short for mellowing and that is what we have experienced for ourselves in the salon. It mellows the crazy ends that most long hair girls get when they are trying to either grow their hair very long or that happens from day to day styling.

    We recommend MELU whenever a client is trying to grow their hair out because of its anti-breakage properties. The feedback has been positive and we love partnering it with the conditioner because it feels soooo good on the hair.

    • 250ml / 8.45 fl. oz US
  • shampoo-davines-organic-minu_touchups-back

    Minu Shampoo

    MINU shampoo is the Essential shampoo for those of you that color your hair! They named it MINU because it is short for illuminating (see the shine now?) It was designed using Caper Blossom extract in order to maximize the life of your hair color and leave your hair feeling oh so shiny!

    We use MINU shampoo every single day in the salon as the vast majority of our clients get their hair colored by us. All the stylists have nothing but positive things to say about it and we recommend it to pretty much anyone who colors their hair.

    I love it personally because of its phenomenal scent and its ability to add a level of luster to otherwise dull looking hair.

    My clients love that it helps them protect their hair from the harsh Arizona sun, our outdoor lifestyle and because it minimizes the amount of color-refreshing that we have to do in the salon.

    • 250ml/8.45fl.oz
  • Momo Shampoo

    MOMO shampoo is for you if you have dry hair and it needs that extra boost of moisture to help bring it back to life. MOMO is short for moisture.

    Its amazing natural active ingredient is Cartucciaru Melon. This special melon extract gives it a long-lasting moisturizing effect in your hair.

    We love MOMO shampoo in the shop because the Chandler Arizona climate is as dry as it gets. Lots of our clients need that boost of moisture to soften their hair back up after a long summer and MOMO gets that job done to perfection.

    I love MOMO because I have so many clients that come to me with dried out hair from the Arizona Summer dryness. They also show up with dried out hair because of inferior products and an unhealthy zest for heat styling. However, MOMO has always been a wonderful tool for me to help bring the softness and shine back into these client’s hair.

    • 250ml / 8.45 fl. oz US
  • nounou

    Nounou Shampoo

    NOUNOU Shampoo, short for Nourishing is a the Davines shampoo of choice for you if you highlight, perm or relax your hair. It is a great protein shampoo to help build back up the integrity of your hair.

    Nounou utilizes Fiaschetto Tomato extract to boost its antioxidant properties and nourishing capabilities!

    We use NOUNOU Shampoo every day at TouchUps because we do a LOT of highlighting, balayages etc. It is a stylist favorite and is our #2 best seller behind MINU!

    Clients love it as well, and they are consistently coming back for it again and again. They say it not only smells delicious, but it makes the hair feel like a dream.

    • 250 ml/8.45 fl. oz. US