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  • oi all in one milk by davines hair product

    Oi All-In-One Milk

    Every line I have ever worked with has that one product that you can recommend to everyone and never see in the returns pile. In the Davines line, that product is 100% Oi All-in-One Milk. It is a fabulous leave-in conditioner, detangler, protectant, and it smells sooooo good.

    Outside of a few unique cases, at the salon we all use All-in-One Milk on all of our clients. It does a phenomenal job detangling your hair.  Even my wife uses this product at our house, and if that doesn’t tell you how much I love it, I don’t know what will!

    As a stylist I like that it is lightweight and versatile. It leaves my clients hair soft and prepared for the rest of the products I will be using on them. I like that it smells great but is not obtrusive in its scent. I love that my clients enjoy it so much and that they can feel the improvement in their hair within a couple days of using it.

    • 135ml / 4.56 fl.oz. US
  • Oi Conditioner

    Where Oi Shampoo goes Oi Conditioner should always follow. I am a huge supporter of using product families all together. This, in client speak, is using all of the products from a line or sub-line, like Oi. The benefit of using the whole line is that you get the maximum dosage of the good stuff (*cough* Roucou *cough*).

    I love this conditioner because it is so softening and does a great job pumping that moisture into the hair. We use and recommend Oi Conditioner on all of our clients that get the shampoo. It just smells sooo good! We have to constantly bring in the Oi products into the salon because of how popular they are.

    For all hair types. OI Conditioner is rich and buttery, providing hydration and shine with key ingredient Roucou oil. Winner of Refinery29’s 2015 Beauty Innovator Awards for Go-To Conditioner & InStyle Magazine’s 2017 Best Beauty Buys Award for Conditioner for Normal Hair.

    • 250 ml/8.45 fl. oz. US


  • oi oil hair product

    Oi Oil

    Every single one of us stylists at the salon loves using Oi Oil. It is a must-have product for anyone with the exception of those with the finest of hair textures. The oil’s blend of Roucou oil and super lightweight silicones leaves hair not only ridiculously shiny, but also soft and smelling amazeballs!

    This is on of my most used product in the salon. I love it because it helps dry hair quickly, and have amazing control over it’s texture, regardless of what it is. It is incredibly light, and it doesn’t suck all the volume out of my styles; even on soft textures.

    I usually add 4-6 pumps on medium to thick hair when I am going for a sleek style, and it has yet to let me down! On fine hair, I put 1-2 pumps in just to enhance the feeling through the ends because I love the shine factor it adds to the hair. Maximum shine is never ever EVER a bad thing!

    • 135ml / 4.56 fl.oz. US
  • Oi Shampoo

    Oi Shampoo is one of my salon’s favorite shampoos to use on our clients. It’s color safe, UV protecting, smells amazing, helps with aging, and moisturizes the heck out of our client’s hair. While it is a bit heavier on the hair then our lighter Davines options, it is not overly so.  This is an amazing shampoo, for almost any hair type!

    • 280 ml / 9.46 fl. oz US