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Hair Fashion Blogs

What do color, history, and style all have in common?  They helped shape the amazing modern styles of today’s hair!  Come on an amazing fashion journey with us and learn about trending hair styles, the perfect cuts for the season, and how to rock your newest hairdo! 

Hi everyone!  My name is Anthony, and I’m the owner of TouchUps Salon.  I’ve been in the industry for over 15 years and have worked with top hair professionals at respected salons all over the West Coast!  I have always made it my first priority to find the best hairstyle for each one of my clients, making sure they leave my chair satisfied and wanting to show off their amazing new hair!  TouchUps Salon is my newest and greatest venture, and I would love to have you be a part of this new amazing journey!  

Hair Fashion is a fickle thing.  The newest trends are always changing, and stylists and fashion artists alike are always finding new ways to create the hottest cuts of the season!  It can be tough to keep up with all these changes and new ideas for styles, but luckily for you, I’ve done all the hard work for you!  These Fashion Blogs will tell you everything you need to know about today’s greatest fashions, and why your hair is the way it is!  Whether you’re looking for inspiration, discovering how your current hair can look and feel better, or what cut looks best on you, the stylists here at TouchUps are here to help!

The fashion part of hair fashion is a rather recent idea.  Over the centuries, haircuts and styles were worn for practicality rather than showing off a spicy new look!  Many cultures had to keep hair long or cut it short due to their occupations or living conditions.  Not to mention the many religious and social structures centered around how people would wear their hair.  Nowadays, our western world has shaped hair into one of our most powerful accessories.  A tool to express not only our outer style, but to also show off your personality!  Hair has quickly become a passion for many, including our talented stylists here at TouchUps Salon! 

However, fashion wouldn’t be fashion without some failed attempts.  These blogs are here to help you decide what sets apart the good styles from the ones that…didn’t last as long.  Being a long-term stylist, I have had many incredible appointments, and done amazing hair that leaves my clients wowed.  I’ve also been lucky enough to try out new styles and find upcoming trends!  This means I know what works, and what is just a fashion “gimmick” trying to get you to get the newest product or a crazy expensive treatment. I’ve got your back. 

In the end, what truly matters to ANY stylist is the happiness of the client. If you're not happy with your hair, neither are we! My goal is to always have my clients leave my salon feeling more like themselves than when they walked in, and to help them love their hair as much as I can.

Whether it’s hair color, haircuts, balayages, you can stay informed about hair fashion here with the TouchUps Beauty Blog. With examples of beautiful celebrity styles, looks we like from social media, hair shows, and our own work, we aim to keep your look current as well as unique to you!     

Come see us at our Chandler, Arizona location to #jointhebeautyrevolution and find your perfect look! 


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